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manufactures a fine selection of Paring Knives, Gift Sets, Baking Pans, and cooking utensils. We are very proud to be a Reseller of these fine products Manufactured by the Rada Manufacturing Company in Waverly, IA. USA

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Why settle for less than Everything?

Rada’s Essential Oak Block Set is wonderful for any home cook or chef who wants a great lineup of essential knives ready and waiting.

Our 7-piece set includes some of the most useful knives available, with six empty slots for you to add your favorite small Rada Paring Knives or Steak Knives

This Essential Oak Block Set comes with the Oak Block, Cook’s Knife, 6″ Bread Knife, Slicer, Super Parer, Tomato Slicer, Regular Paring, and Cook’s Utility Knife.

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