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Discover the joy of cooking with our Anthem Cook’s Knife. While it may be smaller than the Anthem French Chef, it boasts a similar shape and incredible versatility. Whether you prefer a gentle rocking motion for precise cutting or mincing, this knife has got you covered. With countless ways to utilize its capabilities, you’ll be amazed at the possibilities it brings to your kitchen.

The Anthem Wave series goes beyond just offering aesthetically pleasing handles. Each knife in this collection combines Rada’s renowned, razor-sharp blades with redesigned handles that exude modern style, provide an ergonomic grip, and offer a perfectly balanced weight that feels comfortable in your hand. Rest assured, all Rada knives are backed by their Lifetime Guarantee, ensuring their exceptional quality and durability.

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The renowned Rada blade is utilized in the Anthem Wave Cook’s Knife, which boasts a 6½” blade and measures 12″ overall. This exceptional knife enables you to effortlessly dice and mince ingredients for soups, salads, and one-dish meals by employing a rocking motion. Additionally, it is perfect for preparing ingredients for charcuterie boards, slicing desserts, and a multitude of other culinary tasks.

Anticipate an exceptional cut that enhances the capabilities of your recipes, transforming you into a culinary maestro. Similar to our entire knife collection, the blade crafted from surgical-grade T420 high-carbon stainless steel is meticulously honed by hand to achieve an incredibly sharp edge.

Anthem Wave was meticulously crafted with our remarkable Rada blades and an innovatively redesigned handle, all born out of the curiosity to enhance perfection. The handles boast a wider and longer structure compared to our other handle styles, catering to individuals seeking a more expansive gripping surface. With its harmonious control and delightful ergonomics, Anthem Wave caters to the needs of both home cooks and culinary experts, exemplifying Rada’s commitment to delivering unparalleled products.

Same incredible blade. New modern feel.

Our Anthem Wave Cook’s Knife is also available in our Anthem Wave Oak Block Set.

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 14.75 × 4 × 0.69 in


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