Citrus Smoke Sea Salt


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Homestead Treasures – Citrus Smoke Sea Salt

Net Wt. 1.0oz (24.3g) (3.5 oz. Pet Jar)

  • Rub onto chicken, pork, or fish before baking.
  • Toss with warm roasted nuts as a snack.
  • Sprinkle over balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil to make a dipping sauce for bread.
  • Use as a topping for popcorn.
  • Combine with cream cheese and Greek yogurt and serve as a dip with pita wedges or crackers.
  • Sprinkle over Potatoes or vegetables before roasting.
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Hickory Smoked Sea Salt, Oranges, Lemons, and a hint of smoked paprika, pepper and thyme are combined to capture your taste buds in this Citrus Smoke Sea Salt Blend.

Pairs perfectly with anything from poultry to seafood, to veggies.

Ingredients: Hickory Smoked Sea Salt, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Smoked Paprika, Black Pepper, Thyme.


1 Serving Packet / Trial Size, 3.5 oz. PET Jar, 5.5 oz. PET Jar


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