Rada Anthem Wave French Chef Knife


The Anthem French Chef Knife has a large cutting surface that rocks back and forth, making dicing and mincing easy and enjoyable, while the offset handle keeps your knuckles safely away from the super-sharp blade.

Our Anthem Wave series offers more than just stylish handles. All Anthem Wave knives combine our famous, super-sharp Rada blades with reimagined handles featuring modern style, an ergonomic grip, and a balanced weight that feels great in your hand. All Rada knives are backed by Rada Cutlery’s Lifetime Guarantee.

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The professional design of the Anthem French Chef Knife features a large 8½\” blade, specially designed to rock, making dicing and mincing vegetables and herbs a breeze. Smash garlic cloves with the flat surface by turning the knife on its side then use the same flat surface to transfer chopped food to a bowl or pan.

The surgical-quality, T420 high-carbon stainless steel blade is hand sharpened to a razor-sharp edge, making it suitable for professional cooks and home cooks too.

Anthem Wave’s design, featuring our exceptional Rada blades and a new reimagined handle, was created after wondering, ‘Is it possible to improve on perfection?’ The handles are both wider and longer than our other handle styles, perfect for those who want or need a larger gripping area. Providing balanced control with a comfortable feel for in-home cooks and professional chefs alike, Anthem Wave is just one more way Rada brings you the best possible products.

Same incredible blade. New modern feel.

Our Anthem French Chef Knife is also available in our Anthem Oak Block Set


Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14.75 × 4 × 0.69 in


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